Download Mini Militia Mod Apk (unlimited ammo and one shot kill mode)

MiniMilitia Hack  MiniMilitia Hack
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Mini Militia Hack, Cheats, Mod Apk, Tricks for Android Phone
“How to hack Mini Militia?” This is the common question of every MiniMilitia player. Because no one wants to be a puppet. Winning a multiplayer game with friends makes us feel like winning the world cup. But if you lose, it will be the saddest part. Here we will present you MiniMilitia mod apk. This mod provides unlimited ammo, unlimited health, one shot kill mode.

Do not wait for an extra second and immerse yourself in this handy guide now! And don’t forget to download Mini Militia game.

Play Mini Militia Game
The mini-militia is one of the best multiplayer shooting games. It’s could be live Play under ‘Quick Play’ modes. By choosing a Quick Play, you will have to wait until your friends connect to your server. Here’s How to Play Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia with or without the Internet.

How to Play Mini Militia Online with Friends
Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia has many servers in different places for the ease of Mini Militia online Play.  Once friends are connected to the online Paly room, they can form teams in themselves.

To play Mini Militia with your friends you need:

Internet connection with minimum 50kB/s download and upload speed.
Latest Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Games at least 2.2.61 version and higher.
follow these steps:
Connect your iOS/Android phone with Data Connection and open Mini Militia game from App Drawer.
Multiplayer Option and select custom
A CUSTOM GAMES server list will appear on your phone display.
Select any server according to your country and the number of players in the server and JOIN into the server. (Best if have less the number of players is better. Keep the server name noted to tell your friends.)
Now press HOST to create your game room.
Give the name of your choice in the “ROOM NAME” text box.
If you want to protect your ROOM by a password so that nobody other than your friends can enter, do so by clicking on the lock symbol.
Give a password and recall it for later use.
That’s all! The last thing to do is tell your buddies these details and ask them to follow the guide below.

Why hack Mini Militia game?
Firstly, it is very fun having special powers.

“I can not pick up all the mini-militia!

When you go fetch a gun, and the game requires a pro pack update “Upgrade now for online access to this weapon and more!” It’s annoying to see everyone picking and walking and shooting with two pistol Uzi or rocket launcher, and you only get to use weapons not so powerful.

“Because I always lose!”

Some of your friends started playing game way earlier than you. They are professional and you don’t have a chance to win. But don’t worry, now you have MiniMilitia mod(hack).So, you never lose the game.

“I can not change my Avatars like other Mini Militia Pro players.”

With your pirated Mini Militia game – that you’re going to download from below, get down to them, play like a pro and win like a Hero. Happy hacking….

Download MiniMilitia All in One Mod
MiniMIlitia All in One Mod contain:
Unlimited JetPack: Fly as high, and as long you want with infinity boosters.
Unlimited Ammo: Never run out of ammunition in any gun you pick. No empty gun issue.
Wall Hack: Fly through walls, stones, and every possible block in your way. Shoot through walls.
Dual Wield: Pick any pair of gun/weapon with 7x zoom by default.
Unlimited Bombs: Throw infinite grenades of any type.
Battle Points: Enough points to purchase anything from the stores.
One Shot Kill: Kill with a single shot with One shot kill feature.
Invisible Mod: Turn on this feature to hide from other players.
Magic Zoom 7x: Zoom up to 7x in all weapons. You will get the default zooming capability, and the last zoom level will be 7x.
Fake your device: Your device will be an imitation of iPhone(iOS) i.e. to others it will look as if you were playing on an iPhone.
Gravity: Float in the air as if there were no gravity.
All in one Mega Mod apk with and without unlimited health: Download and try both of these versions.




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